I went mad with laughter when I heard the news on TV about the samples of food items from canteen of parliament sent for forensic test to determine its safety ingredients for human consumption.

Isn’t it a lesson for them who consider themselves safe by living beneath a presumptuous secured umbrella of power that be and undermine the importance of fellow beings considering them mere trifles? Now, if the parliamentarians decide to avoid the edibles having chemical substances in them, they should cultivate them under strict vigilance in the vicinity of parliament for, as long as the source of procurement remains the same for both, the ordinary citizens and the class of so-called powerful people, none can escape this threat.

I also rejoiced this revelation as the Providence does not have a reservation policy in His domain which the champions of ‘social justice’ here, are so vigorously advocating in the democratic politicking in India. Had it been so they could have sought a reservation of lives for themselves unaffected of these hazards.

I also felt comfortable for the reasons that our neighbors will now (after hearing this) may defer their scientific development of nuclear missiles targeting India as they would realize that it is not necessary for a country which is likely to succumb to its own misdeeds sooner or later. They may divert these funds for more human developments in their countries if the wisdom prevails.

All edible items, be it milk, fruits or vegetables, are treated with hazardous chemicals both for their fast growth or preservation threatening all life forms on earth. Yet our governments and the public representatives are busy in brick-batting at one another least realizing where we are heading to. Can humans be so insensitive towards other human beings? If yes, they are bound to perish together.

Our armed forces constabulary is also being fed with substandard substances (CAG report) and one can only imagine the health condition of the troupes who shoulder the responsibility to defend this country. May God have mercy on our folly and save this country. Let us pray as nothing else can we do as it is our governments presumably elected by us. However, it is a debatable topic whether we really elect them.

Although one might haul over the coals to justify the paradoxes of multiparty system in a democracy but the fact remains that we don’t elect the governments in this country; they get elected by themselves and thus work for themselves. Then why complain? As you sow so shall you reap is the time proven adage.

The educated lot here seems to attach the prestige issue to stand in the queue to cast their votes along with their poor countrymen who are hauled and driven to the election booths like herds of animals and cast their votes as parroted to them by the vested interests in the election fray. The educated lot will have to pay a heavy price for their shying attitude and connivance of their duty to actively take part in government making process. Otherwise it is them who would be the worst sufferers.

S. S. Thakur, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com