Bravo! Bravo! JDU.

The members of JDU are now justifying themselves being the real breed of the educational system which follows the principal of AGRATAH SHAKLESHASTRAM PRISHTHTAH SHASARAHDHANU; the meaning inherent in the slogan is that if your all solemn and just academic and philosophical arguments fail to be efficacious before your opponent, take recourse to the philosophy of taking the bull by the horn.

The RJD has once again shown the world in the Vidhan Sabha of Bihar today what exactly they have been practicing all through fifteen years of mobocracy albeit in the name of democracy. The RJD has to reap a good harvest in the days to come of what it has sown over the years. The JDU has to make RJD understand this in the language they better understand and this is all justified -a tooth for a tooth. 

Democracy is not for animals - wild or domestic - and the Vidhan Sabha is not a place for animals. It is time we should weed them out from the revered institutions of democracy. It really is befitting and was long expected.

S. S. Thakur, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com