"Will Bihar ever change?" is a formidable question that leaves one perplexed.

Looking from the angle of the government claims of roads, bridges etc., one becomes little optimistic. However, when one confronts the reality of the bureaucratic attitude, it bubbles out.

For example how responsive is the bureaucracy in Bihar can be understood by one fact that no email addresses of the government officials given on 'biharonline.gov.in' accept mails once you try to send one.

The 'Write to CM' on "bihar.nic.in" does responds but with an auto-generated mail giving the impression of being a show piece.

The Home Department's public telephone at CALL US 0612-2284750 responds with a beautiful voice as 'service to this number is temporarily withdrawn'. This temporary withdrawal is active for nearly six months. Have things changed? I have my doubts. Nevertheless, the present situtation is better than the previous one in one sense that now we can say there is a constitutional government in Bihar- a solace, of course.

S. S. Thakur, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com