I think it was Lord Cornwalis (correct me, if I am wrong) who once remarked in a whimsical supremacy of the whites that "the Indian natives are by nature corrupt".

Can Nitish Kumar be an exception? Alhough he himself might not have sullied his hands but his connivance at the functioning of the officials sends out the signal that all is not well behind the curtain. No doubt he has inherited a formidably strong caucus of corrupt people around the secretariate but his efforts, if made any, to relegate this force to the back ground is yet to seen.

However, the accusation leveled by Lalu and others against Nitish is something like raising your forefinger against anyone without noticing that all other three fingers are pointing towards you. It is the height of shamelessness on the part of at least Lalu to accuse Nitish against corruption or misgovernance. There is a popular Indo-English expression in Bihar viz. 'thetherlogy' which Lalu seems to be the present epitome of. It seems his fool's paradise is yet to give way to realism and thus this is a challenge for the people of Bihar to again show him his place who has taken them for granted.

Nitish is certainly a better choice for Bihar and come what may he is here to stay.

S. S. Thakur, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com