In the lack of any worthwhile economic. medical, or educational progress in Bihar, Nitish Kumar is once again donning the cap of the Prohibition Minister saying any police officer caught drinking alcoholic drinks will be immediately fired from the job.

Kumar was speaking at a review session of many departments in Patna on Monday.

“Police in Bihar have taken the oath to never consume alcoholic beverage. If they are caught drinking, appropriate disciplinary actions would be taken which will lead to their immediate dismissal from the job,” he said.

This threat has been made by the Chief Minister dozens, if not hundreds of times, since he unilaterally imposed prohibition in the state in 2015.

The Chief Minister further said that the government was taking proper action against those who were found illegally involved in selling alcohol.

“We are handing them tough punishments and have also asked our police department to publicize their name and punishment to instill a fear in those who may be thinking of breaking the law. We had printed phone numbers of police stations on each electricity pole so people could report a drunk person or alcohol activities in their area,” he said.

While reviewing the performance of the education department, Kumar, who relies heavily on a bloated bureaucracy to govern, said that he has instructed concerned officials to ensure high-level education in all polytechnic institutes in Bihar so when they graduate, they are able to find placements in top companies.

Besides opening a series of colleges in Bihar, some of which are still waiting their accreditation, it is generally accepted that education, under Nitish Kumar's administration, has not turned out to be one had hoped for after 15 years of misrule by the RJD government.