In spite of tall claims of improved education system in Bihar under the Nitish administration, in reality things are no better than what it used to be during the Lalu-Rabri regime when education took a back seat while corruption and financial bungling took the centerstage.

The latest scandal to hit the current NDA government is the time-honored ‘question-leaking’ matter as papers of several subjects including English and social science for the final matriculation exams were leaked in Bihar just a few days ago.

Not to let an opportunity go to waste, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejaswi Yadav slammed the Nitish government saying Bihar continued to remain in the bottom of the list when it came to education.

“Questions are leaked every day. One hour before the exam begins, I get a screenshot of the test paper on my Whatsapp. I had the English paper before the second sitting of the exam yesterday,” the former Deputy Chief Minister claimed while showing his message on the Whatsapp.

Demanding a full enquiry into the question-leak scandal, Yadav said the same bureaucrats that Nitish Kumar never tires of praising will be responsible for his downfall.

Kumar, in the meantime, has said that Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) chairperson Anand Kishore was looking into it and three men have been arrested in the case.

“Following the leak, test for Social Science has been canceled and now it will be held on March 8,” Kishore said.

The RJD leader, who, incidentally, is not even a high school graduate, however, said that the Chief Minister believes punishing the culprits somehow absolves him of his failures whereas everyone agrees that education in Bihar has been gutted by Kumar and his men and is in need of a massive rehaul.