BJP Minister Visits Slain Jawan's Village a Day after the Soldier's Funeral

Funeral of CRPF martyr Mujahid Khan in Piro on Wednesday.

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Ara: Only after it became a complete PR disaster for the Nitish administration, a representative of the NDA government paid a visit to the family of slain CRPF jawan Mujahid Khan who died fighting terrorists in Sri Nagar four days ago.

Vinod Singh, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Minister of Mining in the Nitish administration who also represents Bhojpur district, visited Piro on Thursday where he expressed his grief over the death of the jawan who gave his life fighting for his nation.

Singh said he was 650 kilometers away in Katihar when the body was brought to Piro from Jammu and Kashmir. "That is the reason I could not attend the funeral," he said.

His reaction to a reporter when asked why he could not attend the funeral on time made the situation even more murky when he said that it would have made no difference to the dead person whether he had arrived in Piro at the time of the funeral.

"My visit would not have brought back the soldier," Singh reportedly said.

Khan was laid to rest on Wednesday in the presence of thousands of people who had come to pay their respect and give final farewell to a real-life hero.

Earlier, the family members turned down a check for an amount of Rs. 5 lakh in the form of government compensation saying Khan died as a martyr and not by consuming spurious liquor in Bihar.

"Rs. 5 lakh is given to the victims of the liquor tragedy; my son died fighting for this country of ours; he certainly deserves better treatment than this," Abdul Khair, the father of the slain jawan, said.

Reports said Khair asked for Rs. 11 lakh which, he said, had been paid to other fallen soldiers from the state.


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