Patna: Communist Party of India - Marxist General Secretary Sitaram Yechuri, despite no takers in Bihar for the past several election cycles, at a press conference in Patna on Friday, said that his party was open to join hands with any party that was opposed to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Yechuri, whose previous bids to form a third front in Bihar have failed miserably in the past, however, was quick to add a condition to his offer saying his party was ready to form alliance with any party that was opposed to the BJP and only if his party was offered a 'respectable' number of seats in the next year's Parliamentary poll.

"Our main agenda is to defeat the BJP in the next election to remove NDA from power and in order to achieve that goal, we are in favor of forming alliance so as not to split the votes that catapulted BJP into power in the last Lok Sabha polls," the leftist leader said at the press meet held at Patna's IMA Hall.

Still hoping to rope in Janata Dal – U leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who, despite his ever-waffling love affair with the BJP and lack of any substantial development in the state, still enjoys the reputation of a 'clean' politician, Yechuri said had he not walked out of the Grand Alliance in 2015 to go back to the NDA fold, he would today be the Prime Ministerial candidate of an united front against the BJP.

"By going back to the NDA, Nitish missed the opportunity of being projected as the next Prime Minister of India," he said.

Reports said that Yechuri was also in talks with the RJD to form a formidable opposition against the BJP in the next Parliamentary polls.

The CPI-M leader also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of borrowing Rs. 11 lakh crore from big business houses but failed to pay back to them implying the deal emboldened the rich to control the government.

"He promised to provide employment to two crore people which he also failed to fulfill. Attacks on Dalits and Muslims skyrocketed under this government and therefore we must unite to overthrow BJP from power," he said.