NAAC Downgrades Magadh Mahila College's Status

Magadh Mahila College in Patna (file photo).

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Patna: Officials at the Magadh Mahila College in Patna were not a happy lot on Thursday when the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), following its intensive review, dropped the college one notch below from A grade that it earned in 2013 to B grade.

Against its overall score of 3.02 in 2013 that resulted in a A-grade certification by the NAAC, this year the score dropped to a dismal 2.35 that does not bode too well for one of the exclusive girls colleges in Patna.

A decline in NAAC grade could result in sharp cut in various funding including University Grant Commission (UGC) and other central agencies funding that affect overall infrastructural development of the college and introduction of new courses.

Magadh Mahila College Principal Prof. Shashi Sharma, however, tried to downplay the setback saying the college is yet to receive the NAAC certification.

"We are still waiting for the official certification but, in the meantime, we have lodged a complaint against the way the college was evaluated. There were many procedural mistakes in the entire process and we are seeking clarification on many points," Prof. Sharma said.

As reported, the college had submitted Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA) last July and Self Study Report (SSR) in October last year following which a peer team led by the Vice Chancellor of Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit Dharmaraj Adat had visited the college on March 18 and 19 earlier this year to carry out a review.

The college was evaluated on seven categories including Student Support and Progression, Curricular Aspects, Teacher Learning and Evaluation, Research Innovation and Extension, Infrastructure and Learning Resources; Governance, Leadership and Management, Institutional Values and Best Practices, Alumni Cooperation, and various students' activities.

While the college earned the lowest mark (1.18) in Student Support and Progression, it earned the highest mark in Teacher Learning and Evaluation (2.87 points).

The college has the option to ask for a re-evaluation within a month if it's willing to fork out Rs. 1 lakh in fee, officials said.


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