Patna: Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Saturday said that the 2019 election results successfully ended the myth of one party treating a particular community as its indentured labor as was clear in elections in both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

"In Bihar, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav failed to make her daughter Misa Bharti a winner while in Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav failed to come to the rescue of his daughter-in-law Dimple Yadav. The results send strong message that no caste is the 'indentured labor' of a particular party," the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said at the collapse of Muslim-Yadav formula in the two states.

Keeping up with the gloating following the historical win of the NDA that won 39 of the 40 seats in Bihar and 353 out of 543 seats nationwide, the Deputy Chief Minister said that while every single candidate belonging to the Yadav community fielded by the Grand Alliance in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar lost, all Yadavs fielded by the NDA including Nityanand Rai, Ashok Yadav, Ram Kripal Yadav, Dinesh Chandra Yadav, and Girdhari Yadav won from their constituencies.

"The results clearly say that the days of taking any particular community for granted are over. People don't care about caste or religion and are only concerned about the welfare of the citizens, a strong defense policy, and development all around. This is what Prime Minister Modi had campaigned on that resulted in the spectacular victory of the NDA," Modi said.

Meanwhile, BJP leader and Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey said that following the decimation of the opposition in Bihar, many members of the RJD have contacted the BJP and have expressed their trust in the Prime Minister while stating about their desire to join the party of Lotus.

"RJD leaders are already speaking out against an inexperienced leader like Tejaswi Yadav and the party is about to break into many pieces. Many of its leaders and workers are eager to leave the 'lantern age' behind and join the new leadership under Narendra Modi," Pandey said.