Patna: A Vigilance team in Patna on Saturday arrested an engineer and a cashier of the Road Construction Department and seized Rs. 2.26 crore and other incriminating evidences form their possession.

The engineer was identified as Suresh Prasad Singh while the cashier was identified as Shashi Bhushan.

As reported, Akhilesh Kumar Jaiswal, the owner of a private road construction company, was one of many who had bid for the contract involving a road to be built at the cost of Rs. 44 crore between Bihta and Bikram at the western outskirts of Patna.

Arrested men flanked by Vigilance sleuths.

Singh, who has a lavish home in Patel Nagar in Patna, asked Jaiswal to pony up 1% of the total cost in bribe money if he wanted the contract.

Jaiswal haggled with the engineer over the bribe amount and eventually agreed to pay Rs. 28 lakh in cash to be paid in two equal installments.

Jaiswal, however, contacted the Vigilance Department and told them about Singh's illegal demand.

On Saturday, as agreed, the contractor arrived at Singh's home in Patel Nagar and handed him over Rs. 14 lakh in cash stashed in a suitcase.

As soon as the money exchanged hands, vigilance sleuths jumped into action and arrested Singh and accountant Shashi Bhushan who was also present at the time transaction was being made.

During the raid of his home, authorities found Rs. 2.26 crore in cash stashed in his mattress and suitcases.

Armed police outside corrupt engineer's house in Patel Nagar in Patna.

Vigilance DSP Gopal Paswan said that due to the sheer high volume of the cash seized, officials had to send for a note-counting machine to account for the confiscated money.

Police found a large number of gold and silver jewelries at Singh's home and also seized documents pertaining to flats, homes, and lands in Patna, NOIDA, Bihta and even in some foreign country. Besides, it also seized a Mahindra Scorpio and a Renault Duster owned by the corrupt engineer.

Both men were taken into Vigilance custody and were scheduled to appear before a court on Monday.

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