Students Clash at Patna Science College; Dozen Hurt

Rival student groups clash at Patna Science College on Saturday.

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Patna: Students of Cavendish Hostel inside Patna Science College on Saturday clashed with the residents of Minto Hospital that turned the campus and areas surrounding it into a mini battlefield as people from both sides pelted stones at each other and roughed up who were unable to flee from the trouble zone.

Things got so tense that stores on Ashok Rajpath began downing their shutters anticipating an escalation in violence as police from different precincts were brought in to bring the situation under control.

The clash lasted for more than an hour during which the inside of Patna Science College witnessed several attacks on rival students. With bricks and stones littering the ground, at least a dozen students and passers-by were hurt in the skirmish sending them to seek first aid for their injuries.

Sources said the whole thing was started when a student living in the Cavendish Hostel objected to a student from Minto Hospital who was seen harassing a girl student.

Police lock the gate of Patna Science College on Saturday.

Another source, however, denied the above story stating the fight was over the thuggish behavior of the hostel kitchen (mess) operator who had the protection of a former student leader.

Soon, the students of Minto Hospital, armed with hockey sticks and other home-grown weapons arrived at the Cavendish Hostel and began beating its inmates. Residents of Cavendish then reacted with equal force turning the area into a battlefield for a while.

By the time police raided the hostels, many students had already disappeared. Yet, eight students were taken into custody.


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