Patna: Members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Patna on Wednesday took out a protest rally against the new Motor Vehicle Act that has turned out to be very profitable for the government pocket while becoming a nightmare for even the most law-abiding citizens.

Demanding immediate repeal of the Act, dozens of protestors, as part of the day-long Patna bandh, blocked roads in many parts of the state capital including Ashok Rajpath, Kargil Chowk, Frazer Road, and Patna City and chanted anti-government slogans for turning the country into a nation of aggrieved drivers.

"The new Act is crazy and anti-people. Some states that are under the BJP rule have refused to implement the new law due to its draconian nature and the Bihar government led by Nitish Kumar should also recall it as the citizens are being harassed and terrorized by the police that is following the order from the top, AAP state president Shatrughan Sahu said.

Threatening to intensify their stir, Sahu said that the party will soon hand over a memo to the President of India to seek his intervention in this matter.

Demanding to put a moratorium on the law for a month, the protestors said that the administration should first figure out a way not to terrorize the hapless drivers on change its way of functioning that does not rely on insulting or manhandling of the vehicle owners.

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