Government Begins Search for Sacrificial Lamb for Patna Flooding

Historical Patna water-logging.

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Patna: In a clear attempt to shift the blame for the recent flooding in Patna to a sacrificial lamb and remove any accountability of the government, the Urban Development and Housing Department (UDHD) Minister Suresh Kumar Sharma on Thursday ordered a special investigative team to identify the causes of the epic water-logging in the state capital and those responsible for it.

With criticism pouring in from all sides including from the members of the ruling and opposition parties, the minister huddled with senior bureaucrats to get to the bottom of water-logging that turned Patna into a floating city for more than a week following four days of heavy rain last month.

The investigating team consisting of three members including Sanjay Kumar, Special Secretary of UDHD, Managing Director of Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (BUIDCO) Amrendra Prasad Singh, and Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner Amit Kumar Pandey.

The team is expected to return its findings in a week after which the government will take action against those responsible for it.

Incidentally, it's a well-known fact that the 14-year old Nitish administration and the governments preceding his regime failed to upgrade, repair, and clean existing underground drainage system most of which were built during the British period. Despite Patna being plagued by water-logging each year at the slightest of drizzle, the government overlooked the problem leading to the epic flooding of the state capital this year.


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