Protest Outside Sushil Modi's House Over Water-logging

Protest march outside Sushil Modi's house in Patna on Sunday.

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Patna: Angered by the administration's failure to remove water from their neighborhood even a week after the stagnant water began showing first sign of recession, dozens of people in Patna on Sunday staged a protest outside the home of Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi in Rajendra Nagar while demanding his immediate resignation from his post.

Accusing the Deputy CM of abandoning his constituents and leaving his home after being rescued by Disaster Response Force during the height of water-logging, protestors carrying banners and placards while chanting anti-administration slogans, said that Modi should resign on moral ground.

"It's been nearly two weeks and yet water from our streets have not been removed. This government only talks big but has not done anything to rid Patna from this yearly bane of water-logging," said a protestor.

Protest outside Sushil Modi's house in Patna.

Also demanding the sacking of Patna Mayor Sita Sahu, women, shouting anti-Modi slogans said that while this government was talking big about making the state capital a 'smart city', it could not even rid the city of water-logging for the last two weeks.

"The mayor and the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials make promises each year to make Patna clean but we have realized that they all are lying and trying to pull the wool over our eyes. The Chief Minister, on one hand, talks about a green and clean Patna, and on the other, he has only succeeded in fooling us over and over again. Come next election, we will vote for anyone but Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi," said another irate woman.

Incidentally, Modi was not present at his house during the protest.

Protests were also held outside the office of PMC and Saguna Mor where protestors blocked the road for over three hours demanding immediate removal of water from their areas.


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