Patna: The Congress rally in Patna on Sunday turned violent as protestors threw rocks and other objects on police that retaliated by resorting to lathi charge and firing water cannon leaving many protestors, including many of Bihar's top Congress leaders, injured.

The rally dubbed as 'Jan Vedna March' to bring the government's attention towards rising cost of essential items, economic slowdown, and unemployment began at party state headquarters at Sadaqat Ashram and after passing through many streets in the state capital, arrived at the Hartali Mor where policemen already waiting for them stopped them from moving forward.

As always, this led to a verbal altercation that soon turned into a full-blown assault on the police as protestors broke the police barricade and forced their way towards the Raj Bhawan.

Police then responded by resorting to lathi charge and when that also failed to stop the Congress activists, officials launched water cannon on them forcing them to retreat and disperse.

Several party workers and leaders including Madan Mohan Jha, Akhilesh Prasad Singh, Kaukab Qadri, and Premchand Mishra were injured in the lathi charge and had to be taken to the hospital for first aid.

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