Pappu Yadav Sells Onion Outside Sushil Modi's House

Pappu Yadav selling onions outside Sushil Modi's residence.

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Patna: With the national average price of onion hitting a new high of Rs. 165 per kilogram, Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) leader Pappu Yadav on Thursday sold onions outside the home of Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi in a clear attempt to embarrass the NDA government in the state and at the Center for failing to check rising prices of essential items.

Yadav, who pulled the same stunt a few days ago outside the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) office on Birchand Patel Marg in Patna, sold nearly 4,000-kilogram of onions at the rate of Rs. 30 per kilogram outside Modi's residence on Road No. 8A in Rajendra Nagar.

Speaking on the occasion, the JAP leader blamed the Modi government at the Center for destroying the economy and perpetrating the artificial onion crisis to appease the profiteers and price-gougers supporting the BJP leadership.

"This government is in the grip of profiteers who thrive on other people's misery. Under such condition, how can one expect any relief from them? Don't expect anything from those who do not come forward to support their neighbors," the former MP from Madhepura said.

Yadav also took a dig at the Central Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who allegedly said in the Parliament that because she doesn't eat onion or garlic, their prices did not concern her.

"Because our Finance Minister does not eat onion; she wants other people to become as 'pure' as herself," he said adding if this 'government of robbers' had any sense of semblance, it would first deal with the prices of vegetables or the nationwide increase in rape cases before they should even think about an issue like National Register of Citizens (NRC), the BJP's latest blue-eyed child.

Fact checkers, however, say that Sitharaman's statement was taken out of context and the opposition was intentionally twisting it to make her look bad.

"The Modi government has all but given up on governing; it's all about issues that talk about everything but the poor economy or law and order or the steady rise in unemployment. More than 32,000 ton of onion got rotted in storages around the nation but they never cared about it," he said.

Yadav also announced making 10 kg of onion available at a price of Rs. 30 per kg in poor households where weddings are scheduled.

"Is the Modi government only concerned with spending Rs. 4,000 crore on temples and such and does not care a bit about the poor. Even the state government led by Nitish Kumar is spending crores on Hariyali scheme but cannot sell onions to poor at a subsidized rate," he said adding if his opponents were saying that he was engaging in cheap stunt to gain political advantage then he was more than happy to carry on this stunt.

"I would rather do this kind of politics than the politics of power by any means," he said.


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