English Should Not be Required to Pass Exams; Says Ashwini Choubey

BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Choubey (file photo).

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Muzaffarpur: Just days after fellow BJP'ian Giriraj Singh suggested actions against Indians living abroad while getting accustomed to eating beef, Union Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey on Sunday said knowledge of English should not be requirement to pass an exam in India as English was not the mother tongue of the Indians.

Speaking at a seminar at L S College in Muzaffarpur on Sunday, Choubey, who like Giriraj Singh, carries the band of Hindutva on his arm as a badge of honor, said that while it helps to have the knowledge of English, it should not be made mandatory to pass in English to get through any exam at any level.

Choubey, in order to give credence to his argument, name-dropped former Chief Minister of Bihar Karpoori Thakur who, in the early '1970s, made it possible to pass matric exam in spite of failing in English papers. This came to be known as PWE, or Pass Without English, also popularly known as 'Karpoori Division'.

"Karpoori Thakur was very right when he made it possible to pass matric exam without passing English. One should have the knowledge of English but to force one to pass in it is not correct at all as English is not our first language or our mother tongue," he said reminding people of the old saying that though the British left India in 1947, 'Angreziyat', or British attitude had lingered among the Indians.

Like Giriraj Singh who had earlier said that the Indian children in foreign nations should be taught to stop eating cow meat to maintain and nurture the Hindu culture, Choubey said that the new education policy will attempt to restore the 'sanskara' (Indian tradition) among young students in India.

BJP leader Giriraj Singh.

Singh, who has re-invented himself as one of the many the cultural police of the Narendra Modi administration, had said last Wednesday that each school in India should impart education about Bhagwadgita and those who go abroad after graduating from English schools and IITs of the nation should be discouraged from eating beef.

"They start eating beef because we no longer teach our children our culture, our traditional values in the schools anymore," he had said.


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