Patna: Five days after losing the election to the NDA, senior Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Shivanand Tiwari on Sunday slammed the Congress Party blaming it for the bitter loss of his party in the recently-held Assembly elections in Bihar.

Chasing the magic number of 122 seats, the RJD won 75 out of 144 seats that it contested while Congress won a meagre 19 out of 70 seats.

The left parties, in the meantime, of the 29 seats it parties had contested, it won in 16 with the CPI (ML-L) winning 12 of them.

Despite finishing as the single-largest party with 75 seats in Bihar with BJP at a close second at 74, it is evident that the RJD-led Grand Alliance was hurt by the poor performance of the Congress that failed to attract voters as the RJD had anticipated.

Talking to reporters, Tiwari, without mincing words, said that the RJD’s fate was gutted by the lackluster performance by the Congress whose top leader and face of the party Rahul Gandhi was ‘picnicking in Shimla when he should have been campaigning in Bihar with the rest of the Grand Alliance leaders.

“When other leaders of the Mahagathbandhan were campaigning fiercely in Bihar and Tejaswi Yadav was single-handedly covering the entire state of Bihar, Rahul Gandhi was missing in action and was attending a picnic at his sister Priyanka Gandhi’s residence in Shimla. Even those Congress leaders who were in Bihar to campaign, it was evident their heart and mind was not in it leading to disastrous results what could have been an easy victory for the Mahagathbandhan,” the RJD leader said.

Continuing his assault on the Congress, Tiwari, a longtime Lalu loyalist, said that Priyanka Gandhi did not even come to Bihar and those who did come were not even known in Bihar.

“There was a clear lack of enthusiasm among the Congress leaders most of whom were no-names in the state. They contested on 70 seats but they did not even hold 70 rallies. Had there been an attempt to win the election by the Congress leaders, Tejaswi Yadav would be the new Chief Minister of Bihar,” he said adding Congress had a history of demanding maximum seat and then damaging the coalition parties with it.

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