I left India 10 years ago and I often feel that my Hindi is not as good as it used to be and I do feel sorry for not being able to enjoy books and articles written in Hindi.

The proposed plan of UGC looks too ambitious, a childish brain without considering the practical implications of the proposal. I don't think that merely standardization and uniformity of syllabus across universities in India will improve the standard and quality of learning and teaching.

Time to Act, Mr. Chief Minister,

It's been over a year that Prof. Papiya Ghosh murder case had hit the national headlines. There were claims by the State police within a month of the incident that the case had been solved. I had met this remarkable lady, and the thoughts of who could have murdered her and what could have been the motives, always bothered me.

The higher education in Bihar has seen the worst. With some positive and concrete steps taken by Nitish Kumar government, things are looking up. Teachers are being paid on time, exams are being conducted as per the time table, classes are being held and financial position of the colleges and universities are better now.

We have time and again read and heard the the concept of “ Prejudiced reporting ”. Those who have gone through this weeks Tehelka magazine ( December 29, 2007) would have surely read the article “ Two years On, no new deal ” on the state of governance in Bihar by Tehelka’s Bihar correspondent. And one would not find a better example of ‘prejudiced reporting’ than the above mentioned article.