The ringside observers of the Indian political system in Independent India are failing to gauge Kejriwal again and again. This unusual politician with a 2 day 1 night stay outside the power bank of the country, the Parliament, has unearthed the veracity of ‘democracy’. It was for the first time in the history of India or perhaps the world that the head of a democratically chosen provincial government slept on the street in a severe cold night.

Expectations were high for administrative reforms from the young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav. However, it seems he has not been nurtured properly as he has failed in everything from reining in sand mafia to organizing Saifai Mahotsava.

"I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society", said the great British author Henry David Thoreau. But our houses needed the required space for three chair to accomadate to live upto to Henry’s intelligent quote. Isn’t it true?

As the curtain draws on 2013, this political power hungry nation seems equally hungry for the electrical power. And the most stunning part of the recent development is the ongoing fight not just for the electricity but for cheaper electricity this time. This is the impact of the debutante Arvind Kejriwal coming to power in Delhi slashing down the power tariff by fifty percent fulfilling his promise.

Today, Bihar is one of the fastest growing states in the country. The state has managed to record an annual growth rate of 14.48 percent in 2012-13. The real estate sector has played a pivotal role in this achievement. And Patna witnessed an unbelievable surge in real estate investment. A wily Nitish Kumar underscores the trend and hence this poster boy of development begins pouring money down the drain without any care for the relevance of such projects.

पोलिंग बूथों पर वोटरों की लंबी कतार की तस्वीरें एक स्वस्थ लोकतंत्र की पहचान है। परंतु बेहतर लोकतंत्र को प्रतिबिंबित करते इन दृश्यों का रोमांच तब काफूर हो जाता है जब यही कतार राशन-किराशन और पानी के टैंकरों के पीछे दूगनी होती दिखती है। एक दिनी रोमांच को पूरे पांच साल तक भुगतती आम अवाम लगातार ठगी गई है। ऐसे में प्रासंगिक है कि विकल्पों को तवज्जो मिले।

The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) and United Christian Democratic Forum (UCDF) have named Church authorities of conspiring to include them in the Scheduled Caste list, which they said is not acceptable to Dalit Christians.

The Health Department is working towards providing health care “to the last household and to the last person of the state”, .i.e., the Govt. Of Bihar is totally committed to building healthy people by making available quality medicare facilities at the doorstep of every citizen in the remotest corner of the state.

The Delhi assembly has 70 seats that went to polls. Any party or alliance needed 36 of it to form a majority government. With 32 seats, the BJP alliance became the largest force though still short of four seats. The Aam Aadmi Party's spectacular electoral debut surprisingly won 28 seats. Congress met the historical debacle with just 8 seats. And this is how Delhi delivered a mix mandate.

The Section 377 (Chapter XVI) of the Indian Penal Code dating back to 1861 criminalizes all sexual activities that are 'unnatural', including homosexual acts. The Supreme Court of India on 11 December 2013 overturned an earlier judgment of the Delhi high court that corroborates the unnatural sex between consenting adults. This apex court decision has left a trail of movement and debate in India over the relevance of such statute.