Where is the Peace?

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ISIS has released a video of a woman being stoned to death. To quote the news article: "She is seen begging for forgiveness from her father, but he refuses at first. A jihadi then persuades him to forgive her so her soul can ascend to heaven. The man leads his daughter to a hole dug in the ground, then gathers stones, which are then used by the IS members to pelt the woman with until she dies."

A lot of people who are accustomed to being politically correct have taken to calling Islam a religion of Peace. A lot of moderate Muslims also emphatically assert that Islam does not encourage violence. A religion is supposed to make its followers good people with virtues of kindness, philanthropy and righteousness. Why then does Islam have a face that others are scared of?

A long article can be written on the subject, but citing hundreds of examples and quoting suras of scripture to support my contention will only make it boring reading that will not appeal to the reader. Just let me throw this one question out to you all that puzzles me. Why is it that the mindset that Taimur Lang had in 1350 which motivated him to sweep through northern India sword in hand with an army to massacre non-believers and become a Ghazi is being replicated by the self proclaimed ISIS militants in 2014?

In 664 years that have ensued since Taimur's massacre and forced conversion of masses in the Indian subcontinent has the interpretation of Islam not changed? Why then are they still stoning women to death? Why does the girl's father have to dig a hole in which the daughter has to be put upto her shoulders before the pelting of rocks begin? Why does the father have to gather the rocks for this ghastly event called "Sangsari" in Islam.

Any Muslim worth his salt should look at his little daughter or sister and think, "Can I dig a hole and bury her up to her shoulders and gather rocks for others so that they can kill her with Rocks?"

"Allah ho Akbar" translates to "Allah the Merciful". Why is it then that the followers of Allah can not find mercy in their hearts for their own daughters? Anyone can accuse a girl of violating norms of morality and those who will nod their head in agreement (it's not their sister/daughter) are a dime a dozen. Is that enough for you to kill your daughter? Think...

This 'vahshiyat' (beastliness) must end. And you, my fellow Muslims, must end it. Your sister is my sister and your daughter is my daughter. Maybe I am not a Muslim, but I am human and it is hard for one human to see this fate being meted out to another human being by her own father/brother/husband. Screw the Mullah and ask for revision of Quran to remove what the Arab donkeys put in it and live by even today. 

बिटिया की संगसारी कराता बाप गर है तू

रहने दे काफ़िर मुझे, मैं यूँ ही भला हूँ.


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