Beat the Heat with these Cool Bihari Beverages

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Bihari food and beverages are no longer confined within Bihar anymore. Bihari cuisines are well famous and easily available everywhere now-a-days. Whether it is Channa-Ghugni, Litti-Chokha, or Fish Curry prepared with garlic and mustard paste, they are loved by all who have tried them at least once in their life.

There is an endless list of Bihari food and beverages. It is worthy to know that Bihari beverages are very soothing in the summer and one can fight the scorching heat in a very natural way with a number of health benefits. Bihari beverages are prepared with very simple and easily available ingredients and seasonal fruits. Some of them are briefly discussed in the below section.

Sattu drinkSattu Ka Sharbat (सत्तू का शरबत)

Sattu ka Sharbat is prepared by using Sattu (mainly, roasted gram flour) water and a pinch of salt and cumin powder. It is very rich in protein and fibre and is also considered as a good detox beverage. It is also very helpful in weight loss, cleanses the system, and gives relief from bloating and constipation. One glass of this, if taken in empty stomach, can be very beneficial during summer time. Try it once; you will go for more!



Bael ka SharbatBael Ka Sharbat (बेल का शरबत)

Bael, also known as Bengal Quince, is readily available in all Indian states during summer. To prepare this delicious juice, one needs a few scoops of the fruit, water, and sugar. If you are counting calories, then use a pinch of salt to it. It is very nutritious and hydrating. And being the yellow fruit, it is a good source of Vitamin A. It is also rich in fibre and gives relief from constipation.




Unripened mango drinkKacche Aam Ka Sharbat (कच्चे आम का शरबत)

Kaccha Aam, (unripened mangoes) are the best way to fight the heat of summer. It is very easy to prepare – first, boil or roast raw mangoes, let it cool down. Then peel the skin and extract the pulp of the fruit. Then mix this pulp with cold water, add sugar or salt, a pinch of cumin powder.

It is rich in Vitamin C and keeps the body hydrating. It is also proven good for gastrointestinal disorders. It is a very healthy alternative of plain water and soft drinks during hot summer days. The drink is also well known as a traditional remedy for "loo" (hot and dry summer wind or heat wave).

Gur ka SharbatGur ka Sharbat (गुड़ का शरबत)

Gur (jaggery) is a cheap and healthy alternative to fruit juices during summer time. Jaggery is a rich source of iron and very hydrating and cooling during the summers. It instantly gives energy to the body with much nutritional benefits. It is also very useful to get relief from gastric problems.

To prepare it one just need a glass of plain water, a little piece of jaggery and a bit of ginger powder to enhance the taste.

Try these Desi beverages of Bihar and you will automatically feel the difference. These are all very pocket-friendly and have lots of health benefits with great taste. Stop the consumption of carbonated drinks and opt for these healthy drinks and enjoy your life like never before.


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