Atma Nirbhar Indians and Hanuman

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After more than 2 months long lockdown in India which is now termed as the world's most expansive lockdown, we have entered the stage of unlock-1. The Pandemic continues to take its toll and the economy has torpefied. The government now has the dual task to fight the pandemic and deal with the economy.

Migrant workers marching their way home as informal sector workforce has literally crashed due to lockdown, increase in unemployment and COVID positive cases surging every day is a bummer for for all of us. Whether the government has a robust exit plan in place or it bluntly means "fend for yourself" and paddle our own canoe? Public indignation for the plight of migrant workers and the way they were left to suffer during lockdown is seen as a major failure in the implementation of lockdown. While countries worst hit by COVID could flatten the curve in shorter lockdown duration India is still seeing a soar in positive cases. Amid all this resentment and fear we get to hear the term “Atma Nirbhar Bharat" which has become a political football already. Does it mean India turning inwards? Or something else.

So, let's see what it means in layman terms.

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan has PM ‘s 20 thousand crores economic package and his vision to create made in India and made for world products, cutting on imports and being self-reliant in the strategic sector and also empowering local businesses. As per government MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) will be foundation of economic revival. About 40% of the Indian workforce is employed in the MSME sector and a boost to this will surely mean good employment opportunities in India. Also, it will help made India products and services become more attractive and competitive globally. The "one nation one market" initiative will unite India's market and promote uniformity of procedures across the integrated market. This is going to have a positive impact on the agricultural sector.

There are fair chances that multinational companies might move out of China and India could be the potential substitute. Indians and people globally have already started boycotting Chinese products, apps. China should be made to eat the humble pie for the wrongdoing in the COVID19 pandemic spread. India can grab this opportunity and thrive its economy.

This is from government point of view but do we as citizen of India have a role to play in making our country "Atma Nirbhar"? During lockdown we all have become Atma nirbhar with no external domestic help, cutting on unnecessary expenses and boosting our hidden skills from being a hairstylist to a chef. The economy is built by people, so if we can make ourselves self-reliant in just 2 months then can’t we together make our country the same? Viruses might not have disappeared but the fear for viruses has evaporated. We have to live with it. It’s time we industriously get back into our business and help our nation.

Now, the question is can India deal with it? Are we Indians capable to be self-reliant? Here is where I would like to compare our capabilities to forgotten powers of Hanuman. He never knew he is so powerful till Jamvanth reminded him of his hidden strength. This is the time when we need to evoke our inherent power that we have forgotten. We were once “Sone ki Chiriya” and very much self-reliant; people depended on locally made products and we were doing so well. With industrialization, imports, and technology advancement we started imports and relying on other countries for our needs. "Necessity is the mother of invention", let's create the need for made in India products and services by opting only for it and then see how local businesses thrives. This will help economic growth, create employment and become "Atma Nirbhar" and stronger nation.

Kaweri MishraKaweri Mishra is a freelance writer. Originally from Darbhanga, she grew up in the IOCL township of Begusarai and is currently a resident of Bangalore.


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