Vikas Vaibhav, IPS, an Icon of Change

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Recently Mr. Vikas Vaibhav, an IPS by profession and SSP of Darbhanga district was in the news for his extraordinary act of leadership and solving the triple murder within 48 hours and putting all the accused involved in the murder behind the bars.

Mr. Vaibhav and his entire team were awarded by the state for their act of courage and dedication to the service. We must salute him and his entire team for his extraordinary act of dedication.

Law enforcement officials shall at all times fulfill the duty imposed on them by law, by serving the society and by protecting all persons against illegal acts, consistent with the high degree of responsibility required by their profession. Responsibilities of a police officer are varied, and may differ greatly from within one socio-political context to another.

Since the arrival of Mr. Vikas Vaibhav as the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Darbhanga district of Bihar have changed work force in a positive way to gain the trust and confidence of the common people. A product of the philosophy of community policing, Mr. Vikas Vaibhav represented a new way of doing police work, one that more accurately reflected the cultural values of the society at large in the enforcement of the law.

With the influence of community policing, this image of the policeman is now evolving into a cooperative, responsive and respectful community partner. The change is very effective, persistent, and on-going. It is reflected most obviously in those officers who work under the leadership of Mr. Vikas Vaibhav which have evolved from changes in community expectations of law enforcement. The role of the police officer in combating violence in an effective way is a prime example of this initiative.

Last summer, on way to my native place, Barra, a remote and flood-affected village, which is 60 km further east of district head quarter, I happen to meet Mr. Vikas Vaibhav for some reason. There I came to know that I am not meeting only a police officer but a graduate of IIT Kanpur who has a vision for a changed Bihar. He impressed me most by not showing any air of arrogance and talking so friendly, not letting me even realize that I am talking to a police officer. His elite way of conversation leads me to write this small piece as a tribute to his excellence. I have no hesitation in saying that Bihar needs officers like him for a developed state, which is a dream of present head of the state Mr. Nitish Kumar.

As we know the challenge of development in Bihar is enormous due to persistent poverty, complex social stratification, unsatisfactory infrastructure, and in many situations, weak governance. These problems are well known but not well understood. The people of Bihar - civil society, businessmen, government officials, farmers, and politicians - also struggle against an image problem that is deeply damaging to Bihar's growth prospects. An effort is needed to change this perception for a changed and developed Bihar. Young police officers like Mr. Vaibhav have the potential to transform the lives of the people in the society.

It is perfect time to highlight the success stories of the officers like Mr. Vaibhav so as other young officers may get inspiration for a developed state. There are many success stories not well known outside Bihar that demonstrate its strong potential, and could in fact provide lessons for other to follow.

SSP Mr. Vikas Vaibhav accomplished all this through the strength of his character and personal example; he inspired his officers to respond any unwanted situation with devotion and sense of meaningful solution to set a perfect example.

In a reply to a question on being role model, he simply said “A role model doesn't just teach someone, but also learns about himself. All your knowledge is useless if you don't pass it on to someone”.

In the brief span of time in the district of Darbhanga Mr. Vikas Vaibhav has successfully regained the trust and confidence of the people by their hard work and effective handling of the police cases. His message of good governance has touched the hearts and lives of the people of Mithilanchal. Mr. Vaibhav is an exceptional man and an honest and able police officer and a role model from whom much could be learned.

By the time our conversation concluded, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration for Mr. Vikas Vaibhav, not just for his accomplishments, or for enduring the hardships he encountered as police officer but also for his ability to change the mindset of the people in general, to quickly grasp the character of an individual, to see how someone’s vision might benefit society and to determine whether a venture might translate into a crime free society.

But I am sad to hear that Mr. Vikas Vaibhav is leaving Bihar on a central deputation.  It is beyond my imagination and comprehension why the state government is giving permission to a brilliant officer like Mr. Vaibhav at a time when Bihar is in great need a person like him in the state. If Mr. Nitish Kumar would like to see a “Changed Bihar”, he must not allow the officers like him to leave the state, who have the potential and ability to bring a new reform and give a state a crime free society.

M. J. WARSI holds a doctorate in Linguistics and teaches at Washington University in USA. He may be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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