Here Come the Vultures

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With Modi has come the much needed optimism that is finally opening the floodgates to foreign investment in India. This is a time when people in India - especially Bihar should be cautious. 

I am writing to PatnaDaily after a very long time. I am writing because I have come to learn of a dangerous scheme to bring death and disease to Patna'ites in the name of providing cheap housing for the poor. 

Please warn your readers that: 

1. Asbestos has been banned in most countries since 1974. 

2. In the USA buildings with asbestos lie condemned and workers are sent in wearing containment suites so that they do not breathe in airborne Asbestos fibers. 

3. Airborne Asbestos fibers if inhaled cause Mesothelioma - a type of lung cancer. 

4. Lawyers are still filing lawsuits in America for victims who contracted Mesothelioma at their workplace years ago. 

5. Asbestos does not only kill where it is produced, but wherever it is used - if a piece breaks off the fibers go airborne. 

An asbestos plant is being proposed in the outskirts of Patna. It is important that Indians, especially Biharis, do not allow this to happen.  

This is a very dangerous development. Rich Indians have teamed up with unscrupulous corporations and want to stick it to Bihar. They want to give you a slow-release Bhopal in a gift box and try to convince you that it is in your best interests to accept it with gratitude. Please tell your friends and family in Bihar. Save lives.


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